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Covid 19 Shop Update

The shop will be open from Monday April 12th.

We take Covid 19 social distancing seriously and want you to know we have put in place several new policies which will protect both ourselves and our customers.

if you are visiting Skipton and our shop, please read this information carefully so you are aware of the steps we are taking, please be patient with us if you have to queue, as its all in the interests of safety.

Points to note:


1.  Reduced number   of persons allowed in the shop at any one  time

2. If you are in a group or a large family, only  2 members of the group are to enter the shop, please try and confirm what you want to order before entering to help speed the process.

3. Small children must be carried if unable to leave with other members of family outside (1 adult carrying a small child does count as 1 person)

4. The  shop layout has been changed to allow for maximum social distance and 2 metre zones have   been marked on the floor -  please observe and adhere to these social distance markers 

5. Queue markings are shown inside the shop and please again adhere to the social distancing measures.

6.  We strongly advise using our click and collect, store pick up option by purchasing prior to your visit via our website and simply collecting when you visit.

7. We offer FREE delivery to Skipton and other areas (minimum spend £10):. Details here

8. We prefer contactless payment via card with a minimum spen just £2, but do accept cash.

9. Customers must wear a mask when entering the shop for your own protection.,

10. We wear gloves whenever serving sweets or ice cream where appropriate and also will be regularly washing / sanitizing hands and spraying the counter with anti bac spray.

We have completed a Covid 19 risk assesment 

Your shopping experience is very important to us but safety has to come first and we ask that for your patience and understanding at busy times.

Thank you


Jon and Bev. 

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